Acute Anxiety Disorder: Stop Worrying, Get the Solution

Posted By: Daniel on May 03, 2013 in Anxiety Relief

What is Acute Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety is a normal human response to any danger, which helps us prepare ourselves to fight any emergency. But it is a problem if one feels it too intensely for a long time, without any specific reason. It is noted that anxiety is related to depression and exist together in a patient. However, this kind of anxiety is manageable, but there is another type of anxiety which is acute. Person suffering from acute anxiety disorder comes across sudden bouts of stress and uneasiness and feels that everything will be over at that instant. This acute anxiety disorder is also called panic attack.

Acute anxiety disorder is not only related to panic attacks. This term can be related to any attack that brings about extreme fear, uneasiness and restlessness. The conditions in which the patients live in a constant fear of panic attack are generally associated with this disorder.


Acute anxiety disorder is diagnosed with the help of the following symptoms:

  • Severe chest pain
  • Violent beating of the heart
  • Shortfall of breath
  • Feeling of light headedness
  • Feel frightened as if one is going to die

A person under panic attack feels that everything around him or her is extremely wrong; that he or she is in the process looses control over self. The attack reaches it peak in 10 minutes and he or she becomes too sensitive about their perceptions. There is no specific reason that can cause panic attack and this condition may often require patients to be hospitalized because they think that they may die any moment.

Things To Do

  • Identify and eliminate those factors which cause anxiety. You can talk to your family member. Try to find out solutions to your problems rather than worrying about them constantly. You can also take the help of a counselor to find solutions to your problem.
  • Involve a therapist and learn how to decrease the severity of the attacks. These people are armed with various ways of tackling acute anxiety disorder. You can take cognitive behavioral therapy, which is very effective in treating anxiety.
  • Exercise regularly because it redirects the brain from negative thinking, burns stress hormone, relaxes the brain and helps in the release of stress bursting hormones.
  • Practice breathing exercises as people suffering from acute anxiety disorder have uneven breathing patterns. They either breathe in too much or too little, which increases the carbon dioxide level in blood and acts as a trigger. Deep breathing exercises will help to exhale and inhale in a calmer and slower manner.
  • Identify the physical triggers which lead to acute anxiety disorder. Many people start hyperventilating as soon as they feel a little. Since, their brains have become accustomed to such reaction whenever they feel dizzy it follows the same pattern of action. You can take the help of a trained professional and cause these triggers purposefully and learn to tackle them. This helps to get rid of this disorder effectively.

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