What Are The Causes Of Anxiety?

Posted By: Daniel on May 03, 2013 in Anxiety Relief

Causes of Anxiety can Turn into Reasons for Serious Mental Disorder

Anxiety is a part of present busy life, where tension runs high in every step of our daily activities. It is the negative emotion that scares off people about their success in a situation and they often feel completely lost. Anxious people believe themselves to be in greater distress than they are actually in. But sometimes this mental distress can turn into mental disorder too, if proper care is not taken initially and may put normal life of that anxiety stricken person into turmoil.

Some Symptoms of Anxiety: High anxiety can be the reason of several mental sicknesses like panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and some specific phobias, but early treatment may be able to prevent this situation. People suffering from any anxiety, may feel panicked out of fear. They may also experience uneasiness, profuse sweating, and insomnia mainly due to nightmares, dizziness, nausea or palpitations. These patients become very restless and show odd behavioral changes. They even gradually loose control over their emotions and become more obsessive in their thoughts. Sometimes people misunderstand some symptoms of anxiety like mouth going too dry or stiffness of the muscles or numbness in the limbs, as the symptoms of some physical diseases; thus proper medical care is often neglected in this initial stage.

Situations that May Trigger Anxiety: Anxiety attacks can occur at any time in any person, it does not even depend on the age of the patient. But it is generally believed that women are more prone to anxiety disorder than men of their age. So it is best to seek help from an expert psychiatrist to handle this critical situation of anxiety disorder, who can evaluate all the symptoms of the patients properly and prescribe proper treatment for that patient. Correct diagnosis leads to perfect abolition of all the symptoms of anxiety attack, with the appropriate medication, some types of psychotherapy and few suggestions for changes in the lifestyle of the patient.

Probable Causes of Anxiety: The exact causes for anxiety are still unknown to the psychiatrists, but too much environmental stress can be a reason for anxiety attack in a person. Some scientists believe that the formation or the arrangement of the nerves inside the brain can be a reason for the occurrence of severe anxiety in a person. Some researchers also found out that certain chemicals are emitted from the body cells due to too much stress in his daily life, which may even cause to bring certain change in the pattern of the nerves of that part of the brain which controls the mood of a person. Some people also inherit this tendency of getting too anxious even in trivial issues from any of their ancestors. Certain traumatic experience in any point of one’s life can also trigger the anxiety problem in that person.

The Proper Treatment of Anxiety: But often anxiety disorder is neglected as people fail to understand the problems of that patient, even by the patient himself. So understanding anxiety symptoms is the most important step towards the cure of this problem. Then the psychiatrist tries to correctly identify the anxiety causes, so that he can abolish these causes that trigger this situation of anxiety. Finally he prescribes some nerve-soothing medicines, counsels the patient to undergo several sessions for psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy or relaxation therapy, along with useful tips for changes in his lifestyle to handles situations of anxiety.

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