12 signs you may have danxiety (depression & anxiety)

It took a very long time for me to realise that I had a mix of depression and anxiety. My thoughts were on overdrive when I was trying to figure out what I was going through.


I wrongly self diagnosed potential bi-polar, borderline personality disorder………. and a few others I’m sure.


We all experience danxiety differently.


Recognising that you may have depression or anxiety is the first step, then you can work on overcoming them and improving your life and mental health.


These are the main 12 things  that let me know my danxiety levels are high.



1. You feel like something just isn’t right.

Something isn’t right with your life, but you’re unsure what it is. Is it your job? Your living situation? Your country? Your relationship status? Your tooothbrush?



2. You cry very easily.

Anything small sets you off…… hopefully when it does you’re not in a room full of people.



3. Social interaction, ugh.

The thought of going to a social event makes you feel physically sick inside. What if someone notices you’re weird, boring and awkward?



4. Withdrawing from friends and family.

You feel yourself not telling them about your life. You think the more people know about you, the more exposed you’ll be.



5. Always worrying what others think

You long for the approval of others and to be accepted by them.



6. You are annoyed at everything.

You are beyond irritable, and you notice that small things get on your nerves that didn’t used to. Noisy people, quiet people, people breathing too loudly……



7. Constant low or anxious mood

You can’t remember the last time you felt happy and relaxed. You are worried about something, even if you’re not quite sure what it is.



8. Less interest in hobbies you once enjoyed

You used to love sports! Or going out! Or dancing! But yet now it just seems like an effort and a waste of time.



9. Low self-esteem

Your feel any confidence has gone, and feel a low sense of self. All you can see when you look in the mirror are your flaws.



10. You find it hard to make decisions

The smallest decisions take up so much of your time and energy, out of fear of choosing the wrong thing. Should I order fajitas? Or Tacos? What if I get food envy!!



11. Emptiness

You feel lost and empty, like there is no point to your life, and you’re just going through the daily motions.



12. You feel hopeless to improve your current life situation.

You feel powerless and can’t ever imagine things being better than they are now. (They will be!)


Do any of these relate to you?


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