Best foods to ease depression and anxiety

best foods to ease anxiety and depression

When you are suffering with depression and anxiety, there is not one quick fix that will suddenly make everything better. Overcoming depression and anxiety needs to be attacked from all sides.   Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exercising (although difficult with depression) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

10 things I’ve googled with depression

Every 2 seconds someone searches ‘depression‘ in the UK alone. If you are thinking you might be depressed, you have probably turned to the internet for answers like I did. The stigma surrounding mental health increases the chances of us looking for answers on the internet rather than turning to the people around us – […]

How to exercise with depression and anxiety

If you’ve searched for ‘solutions’ or ‘treatments’ of depression or anxiety, you will definitely have seen that exercise is ALWAYS on the list.   Exercise alone won’t cure depression or anxiety, but it definitely helps ease the symptoms.

5 things to spend money on for high self esteem

happy and confident girl

With depression, anxiety and low self-esteem comes a constant feeling of GUILT.   Guilt about relaxing, guilt about not exercising, guilt about not messaging friends enough – the list goes on.

Top 5 ways to instantly boost your mood

23 positive affirmations for confidence

Want to get rid of a bad mood quickly? Not surprising, feeling down sucks. Especially when literally everyone else around you seems to be so happy all the time.   Luckily, there are a number of simple things that take 5 minutes that can help you feel better instantly.   Top 5 ways to instantly […]