23 positive affirmations for confidence

Positive confidence affirmations are one of the most simple yet most powerful ways to build up self esteem and change your negative view of yourself.

Whether you know it or not, your perception of yourself is deeply ingrained in your subconscious. You might have told yourself you are worthless, stupid and ugly so many times that you now just believe it and accept these as facts.

How you speak to yourself is so important, and affects your behavior in every aspect of your life. Having low self esteem can lead to anxiety and depression, so it is really important to work on!

23 positive affirmations for confidence


how can positive affirmations increase confidence and self esteem?

Positive affirmations have many benefits. They can help us change the way we view and think about ourselves by replacing negative opinions we hold with positive ones.

When you feel confident, you will be more successful in the things you do. Therefore in turn you will then see this success and your confidence builds even more. This is a positive ever growing cycle which helps bring success and happiness!!

how do I practice positive affirmations?

I’m not going to lie, talking at yourself in the mirror is pretty awkward.

Buuuuuuuut once you get over the cringiness factor of talking to yourself in the mirror……… affirmations really do work!!

Just repeat them to yourself in the mirror every day. Make sure you say them in a firm confident way, like they are facts, to make your subconscious believe them.

If you need help to stop feeling like an idiot, imagine you’re Junior in Cool Runnings doing his Power and Pride affirmations!!! (see rhythmic suggestion below).

23 positive affirmations for confidence


how do I fit confidence affirmations into my routine?

If you’re a beginner, try starting small repeating one sentence to yourself for 30 seconds each day.

From here build up and make it into a daily routine which works for you, up to 5 minutes and 10 a day. You can swap and change the ones which you think are most useful to you on a particular day, and make your own list of powerful affirmations.

Mornings are the best times to do affirmations as they build you up with confidence and success for the day ahead. If you find it hard to remember to do these daily, set up a habit tracker so you can tick them off every day and set a reminder on your phone at the same time each morning.

Take some time to see if they work for you – there’s nothing to lose so why not start now!

23 positive affirmations for confidence


23 Positive Affirmations for Confidence

1. I am confident and strong

2. I am becoming more confident each day

3. I love and respect myself

4. I do not need validation from others

5. I am in full control of my life

6. There is nothing I am not able to overcome

7. I am successful in everything I do

8. I am enough

9. I am a good person

10. I deserve good things

11. I believe in my abilities

12. I am intelligent and capable

13. I deserve to be happy

14. I am beautiful

15. I don’t have to justify anything to anyone

16. I treasure my imperfections

17. I acknowledge my self-worth

18. I am loved and respected as I am

19. I make good decisions

20. I release negative self talk

21. I am living my best life

22. My imperfections make me unique and I love them

23. I see confidence. I see strength. I see a bad-ass mother, who don’t take no crap off of nobody. (Cool Runnings mantra!)

Share your favourite positive affirmations for confidence in the comments section below!

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