26 ways to feel more alive

Do you ever feel you are living your life on autopilot?

We go about our days doing our normal routines, working at a job we don’t particularly like, and come home and eat and watch tv and sleep.

Then one day we wake up and realise that our insides are numb, and we feel empty inside – not such a great day. However, THIS is the turning point to start to reclaim your life and start thinking about the things you actually want to be doing.

Here is a list of things to try if you want to feel alive and add some excitement to your days! Some are quick fixes to awaken your senses and some take more time and consideration so you can really plan to get the most out of your life.

26 Ways to feel more alive

26 ways to feel more alive

Experience the elements

I LOVE standing out in the rain like a weirdo. Nothing else makes me feel as alive as feeling the rain on my skin. Even better if it’s a thunderstorm.

Set a goal

Without direction we can just feel like we are flailing about not achieving anything. Writing a goal helps give you a sense of direction and moves you forward to where you want to be in life. Write a couple of goals and make an action plan. I think personal development is one of the keys to feeling alive.

Get out in nature

Try standing in the middle of a spacious park and breathe deeply. Being surrounded by trees and greenery helps improve our mood and general wellbeing. Join a hiking group to meet new friends at the same time.

How to feel alive

Do something that scares you

Watch a scary film, hold a spider, bungee jump or skydive. Feeling fear really helps you get in touch with your emotions and reminds you that you’re not as numb as you might think!


Moving my body and feeling out of breath makes me feel alive. Sprinting as fast as I can is exhilerating for me as I love seeing how I can push my body as far as possible.


I used to get bored doing yoga. Until I realised that it helped me connect my mind back to my body. It makes me feel grounded and helps me be mindful throughout the rest of the day, so I can really focus on being present in the moment. Relieve your stress with these yoga poses. 


Next time you eat something, try eating it mindfully. This is pretty weird at first if you’re not used to it. Smell it, chew slowly and really savour and examine the flavours that come. 

Listen to music

Play your favourite happy song loudly. Sing and dance to it and feel the energy rushing through your body. If you can’t think of any, Happy by Pharrell is a good place to start.

How to feel alive

speak to a stranger

When was the last time you spoke to someone randomly on the street? Probably a veeeery long time ago. We all rush past each other so concerned with our own lives, not even noticing anyone else. Try asking someone for directions or the time. It awakens this weird feeling in you and helps connect you to your surroundings.

go swimming

It could be a swimming pool or running out into the ocean. Being in the water makes me feel alive. If there’s a freezing cold plunge pool even better.

Learn something new

Learning a new skill helps me feel like I am moving forward in life. There are so many skills you can learn by just searching YouTube. You could try anything from pottery to Japanese to mastering the Rubik’s cube. If you push yourself and work on self improvement, you start to stop feeling like a useless blob.

Go Somewhere

Go somewhere you’ve never been before. This could be a new country or new city. Experiencing new cultures and meeting different people makes me feel surrounded by life and how different it is in all corners of the world. Travel expands your mind and can help change your perspective when you feel stuck.

Change your routine

We get so stuck in our routines we don’t even THINK about changing it. New supermarket?! Don’t be crazy. Change up your routine in any way possible. Watch different TV programmes, read different book genres, change your gym, cut your hair. All of these things help widen our minds and help us find what we really like.


Helping other people helps remind me of the good of humanity. It also helps you make new connections and meet new people who you would normally never come into contact with. Pick a cause that means a lot to you and see how you can contribute in your area.

talk to someone about how you feel

The weight of feeling empty and numb is a pretty heavy one. Especially when you carry it around like a dirty secret. Talking to someone can help lighten the mental load and feel really therapeutic. 

Wear something Risqué

Try wearing something that you have always wanted to but think it maybe didn’t suit you or other people would judge you for. Then match it with that bright red lipstick. YOLO!

Go to Therapy

Feeling empty and numb could be a sign of deeper issues you need to work through (it was for me). Going to therapy is one of the hardest but best things that I did in my life as I knew I couldn’t go on in life feeling the way I did. It helped me reclaim my life and feel happy and alive again.  Therapy can help anyone, here are 11 ways how Therapy can benefit you

Get a new job

If you’re current job isn’t working for you, start looking somewhere else. Don’t settle for something that you know isn’t right for you. It can be pretty terrifying but if what you currently do is sucking the life out of you, you know it’s time for a change.

Practice Gratitude

Slow down and start to be aware of all the amazing things you have in your life. Try and think of 3 things each day. Try these journal prompts for gratitude to help get you started.

26 Ways to feel more alive

Star gaze

Looking up at the stars in the night sky remind me how tiny we all are in the scheme of things. It helps bring some perspective to life. There are some amazing stargazing apps I love as well which make the experience even more educational and enjoyable.

Work on self worth

It might be that your self esteem is low and you need a boost of confidence to help you feeling like ‘you’ again. Be inspired by these Quotes for self worth and choose a few to frame so that each morning you are reminded of your uniqueness and infinite abilities.

Watch the sunrise

Watching the sunrise is one of the most soul soothing things you can do. Set your alarm early and find somewhere to watch day break. Take some photos so you can remember it!

have a bath

Take some quality ‘you’ time and learn how to relax. Learning to relax might sound impossible, but is necessary. If you can’t, you won’t be able to feel grounded and will always feel like there is something else you should be doing. This article has some great tips to help you learn how to relax.

start a journal

Start writing about your thoughts and feelings. Writing down your thoughts can be really therapeutic and helps you make much more sense of them all when they are written down on paper. Here are some self love journal prompts to get you started. You can journal about everything and anything. Write about the things you love doing. Then do more of them.

How to feel alive

Be alone

Learn how to be alone and enjoy your own company. This is so hard!!!! But is a skill that we should all have and yet very few people are comfortable doing. Learning to enjoy your own company will help you connect with what you like doing and help you get to know yourself better.


Have a little crying session. Letting your emotions run through you will definitely help you feel alive. If you’ve never been much of a crier don’t worry, there are lots of youtube videos to help you out! You’ll be surprised how much better you feel afterwards.


I hope you enjoyed this list of 26 ways to feel more alive! If you have any more suggestions on fun ways to feel alive please share in the comments below.

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