27 Characteristics of low self esteem

You might have the characteristics of low self esteem so deeply ingrained in you that you don’t even realise the signs of your behaviour.

Low self esteem was was the cause of a lot of my anxiety and depression.

I had been telling myself negative things about myself for way too long and had accepted all these things as the truth.

If you can relate to the characteristics below, you probably have low self esteem. Luckily there are many ways you can start to build up your confidence and self worth!

Characteristics of low self esteem

1. You feel other people are more important than you

2. You feel guilty buying things because you feel you don’t deserve them

3. You feel like you are a burden to other people

4. You suffer from anxiety and depression

5. You criticise your appearance and personality regularly in your head and outloud

6. You find it difficult making decisions as you are worried you will make ‘the wrong one’

7. You think other people don’t actually enjoy your company and are just being polite

8. You don’t try things because you are scared of failure

9. You are scared to talk in a conversation

10. You are scared to leave the house in case something puts you out of your comfort zone

11. You replay conversations again and again in your head

12. You don’t understand how your partner could possibly love you

13. You think noone listens to you in a conversation

14. You think you are powerless to change yourself and your life

15. You need everyone to agree with you. Always.

16. You need constant validation from others

17. You are often angry and irritable

18. You constantly compare yourself to other people

19. You criticise other people to make yourself feel better

20. You are very sensitive to any criticism and think about it for weeks if not months

21. You are jealous of other peoples accomplishments, instead of being happy for them

22. You feel guilty doing nice things for yourself

23. You need to be perfect 100% of the time

24. You can’t stand being alone

25. You believe self worth comes from exterior appearance and without any makeup on, you are nothing

26. When you do something wrong, you blame someone else because you think it is unacceptable for you to make even 1 mistake

27. You apologise when other people bump into you


If these sound all too familiar to you, don’t panic! 

You can retrain your brain and start to replace all the negative things you told yourself with positive things.

As low self esteem can lead to anger, depression and anxiety, I can’t stress how important it is to keep working on it. If you have never worked on your self esteem before, positive affirmations for confidence are a good place to start.

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