5 Ted Talks for Self Esteem and Confidence

Self esteem and confidence are essential if we want to be the best that we can be in life. Without them we will always be questioning ourselves and doubting our abilities.

Yet self esteem and confidence can often seem quite elusive concepts that we are all struggling to get a hold of. Self worth even more so. I always found it quite hard to gauge how I am supposed to know how high my self worth is compared to the average person?

If you’re not sure if you have low self esteem then check out this post on characteristics of people with low self esteem which will help identify if you do or not!

These inspirational TED Talks break down the difference between confidence, self esteem and self worth, and illustrate just how important they are in our lives.

If TED Talks are not part of your self care and personal development routine, they should be! Plus they are the perfect length to fit into a coffee or tea break throughout the day. They are fun, educational and thought provoking so will never be a waste of your precious time!

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You probably don’t want to sit and watch 50 TED Talks right now so pin and save them for later!

TED Talk for Confidence & Self Esteem #confidence

TED Talks for Self Esteem & Confidence

Cultivating Unconditional Self-Worth : Aida Gooden

This TED talk breaks down the difference between self worth and self esteem. Aida says an unconditional sense of self worth is not about our abilities and accomplishments – that is self esteem.

Self worth is the sense that you deserve to be alive, loved and cared for.

Many of us sadly do not have this feeling, that every human should have. Aida used to feel like this and to cure these feelings of unworthiness, she tried to try and be perfect – something many of us have all done.

However  you might have found (like Aida did) that trying to be perfect is an unobtainable goal and does not help your sense of worth. All it does is makes you mask your true self which can also lead people to anxiety and depression. This deep sense of unworthiness is the root of many Mental Health conditions.

Aida reveals 4 ways which we can begin to feel more worthy today. Once we embrace our personality quirks it is life changing!

The skill of self confidence : Dr. Ivan Joseph

Football coach Ivan empowers us to take charge of building up our own self confidence, and says that we can train ourselves to be confident.

He says to be able to accomplish any task, we need to believe ourselves no matter the difficulty and the odds.

The way he suggests to do this is with positive affirmations and telling ourselves we can do this. We need to be our own motivators as if we don’t say it, no one else will! Ivan teaches us need to stop the negative self talk and get away from the people who tear you down.

Watch this TED Talk if you are in need of a confidence pep talk.

Meet Yourself: A User’s Guide to Building Self-Esteem: Niko Everett

Comparison – we know it’s not healthy.

We can spend so much time idolising other people and talking about how great they are compared to ourselves. But Niko says that actually if we could see ourselves from another perspective we might feel differently.

Why it is so much easier to say nice things about other people than to say nice things about yourself? Niko shares how we can change our negative thought patterns and start to feel good about ourselves today.

Watch this TED Talk if you constantly compare yourself to others.

How to build your confidence – and spark it in others | Brittany Packnett

Confidence is the necessary spark before everything else follows.

I could not agree more with Brittany on this statement.

Brittany talks about how far too many people are walking around without any confidence in themselves, and what needs to be done about it.

She explores certain situations that show how some people have their confidence built up, whereas others get it shot down.

Using her mantra “permission, community, curiosity” she explains how we can use all of these to overcome our greatest challenges in the future and become confident versions of ourselves.

The Space Between Self-Esteem and Self Compassion: Kristin Neff

Kristin helps us understand the difference between self-esteem and self compassion.

She says that to have self-esteem, we have to feel ‘above average’. However if we all have to be above average at the same time it’s impossible, so we find ways to puff ourselves up and put others down. Because of this we should actually be focusing on self compassion.

Kristin talks about how to embrace ourselves flaws and all and this will improve our lives. She shows how when we are kinder to ourselves we will then have more love to give and share with others

Watch this TED Talk to learn how to self love.

I hope you enjoyed all of these TED Talks for self esteem and self confidence! If you did please share to help spread awareness of how others can start to build their self worth too.

TED Talks for Self esteem & self worth

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