5 TED Talks for Social Anxiety

If you’re someone who has never really watched TED Talks, you’re missing out.

They are filled with so many inspirational and thought provoking topics, and everyone can find something they are interested in. 

For me, TED talks are one of the best resources online that have helped me overcome and educate myself about depression, anxiety and self esteem. 

I have compiled the best ones I have seen below about Social Anxiety.

They are useful for you but also for friends and family to watch so they can understand what you are going through.

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5 TED Talks for Social Anxiety

1. Embracing Awkwardness – Richard Kuo

We all worry about being judged in a social situation or group of people. 

Anyone who has experienced social anxiety, will know that a large part of that fear is feeling awkward.

Richard says we shouldn’t be trying to ‘get over’ feeling awkward, we should be embracing it!

Being awkward is sometimes just part of who we are – and that’s okay!

I love this talk because it really resonates with how I felt when I was depressed and had low self esteem. I used to hate my personality trait of awkwardness. 

Why couldn’t I just chat easily about the mundane things that others were talking about? Why did they always have something to say? Why did I stand so awkwardly…… and what was I supposed to do with my hands?!

As soon as I accepted my awkwardness I started to feel a lot better about myself. Becoming more confident and learning to care less what people think also helped.

2. The Power of Introverts – Susan Cain

Susan’s talk is not about social anxiety…… 

BUT I felt it is important to include on this list as being an introvert and having social anxiety are often confused.

It might be that you are actually an introvert who doesn’t enjoy social gatherings and parties – which is absolutely fine.

However for me, I am an extrovert so Social Anxiety was particularly a problem because…. I actually wanted to be socialising.

This video will help introverts to stop feeling the need to be outgoing, just because you think it is what society expects from you.

3. Overcoming Social Anxiety – Marielle Cornes

This short but powerful youth TED talk really gives us an insight about how it is to live with social anxiety.

Marielle opens up about her experience, moving, and trying to make friends.

She describes how everyone just thought there was something wrong with her as the therapist had no diagnosis.

This isolation and fear of talking to people led to her becoming depressed, where she felt worthless and like there was no point in her life. 

Finally she found a therapist who understood what she was going through. With the correct tools and strategies, her mental health began to significantly improve.

1 in 5 high school students suffers from a mental illness and this problem is only becoming worse. By learning more and understanding mental illness we can start to overcome the problem.

4. Talk – Anna Vite

Anna talks about the physical symptoms of anxiety. Her hands were sweaty, heart raced and she found it hard to breathe when talking to people.

She would make herself as small as possible, feel like her voice was being controlled and some days she was not even be able to leave her house.

These symptoms had a massive impact on her day to day life. 

They stem from the fear of being negatively judged and evaluated.

Anna stresses how social anxiety is not the same as shyness. 

Shyness is a personality trait, whereas social anxiety is crippling and means you find it hard to perform every day tasks, as it feels like an invisible force makes lose personality.

5. Overcome Social Anxiety – Isabella Campollo Goubaud

Isabella raises 4 key things to help you get out of your comfort zone.

1. COMMUNICATION. Talking to someone about your anxiety and how you feel is completely freeing. You get to see things from someone elses perspective and realise that things might not be exactly how you see them. 

2. SOCIAL EVENTS. Avoiding social events only makes anxiety worse. Going to parties, this phobia starts to become smaller and smaller.

3. GET A JOB. This puts you outside your comfort zone as you get to experience real life away from your usual bubble. You come into contact with different people, learn new skills and get to know yourself better.

4. SPEAK IN PUBLIC. Speaking at a conference is terrifying for most of us, but will help overcome your fears the more your practice.

I hope you enjoyed these TED talks for Social Anxiety! 

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