Best Gifts for someone with Depression

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These are the best gift ideas of what to buy your friend or loved one if they are struggling with depression. It could be for a birthday, for Christmas, or just a thoughtful gift to make them feel a little bit better!

If anyone close to you is struggling with their mental health, you probably know how hard it is to think of the best way to support them. The smallest kind gesture can make someone feel so much better and remind them that they are not alone in their struggle.

Depression is lonely, but a thoughtful gift will remind them that they have support and that someone cares about them.

Here are some of the best gift ideas to make them feel a little bit better and brighten their day. Choose the best one that fits most with the personality of your friend and that would be most useful to them.

best gifts for someone with depression

Best gifts for someone with Depression


Do they like reading?

If the answer is no, they probably just haven’t found their genre yet! If you are stuck for which kind of book to buy, you could try buying them “self help” books.

Self help books aren’t quite as tragic as they sound…..

They helped me so much through my depression. Reading about other people’s experiences gave me a different perspective and a much better understanding of depression and anxiety, and helped me understand why I was feeling that way.

Here are my favourites:

Matt Haig : Reasons to Stay Alive

Johann Hari : Lost Connections – Why you’re depressed and how to find hope

Russ Harris : The Happiness Trap

girl reading a book


Clear your schedule and do something together!

If they are depressed, they are most likely spending a lot of time inside without any social contact, and probably feeling pretty lonely.

You could do something like go for a chilled dinner and watch a film, or maybe pick something exciting that they haven’t tried before such as an art class. 


Getting out of bed when you feel depressed can be….. difficult.

Combine this with cold dark mornings and it becomes almost impossible.

This natural light alarm clock looks great and helped me wake up so much more easily and feel so much better in the early hours.


Does your friend suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? It is a type of depression which is related to the seasons, where the depressed person feels worse in the Winter months where there is less sunlight.

Many studies have proven Light therapy lamps reduce the effects of SAD.

If you know that your friend’s depression is worse in the Winter months due to lack of sunlight, a light therapy lamp will really help start to uplift their mood.


Self care parcel

Everyone loves receiving something in the post (weelllll except bills). Get some self care items together in a cute box for your friend so they can create their perfect self care night at home. My essential items for a luxurious love yourself self care session include:

This is just a starter list but you can mix and match and tailor it to their personality and what you know they will love to receive.


I love lighting a candle as it makes me feel instantly relaxed and calm.

A candle can help change the mood you are stuck in and really set the scene for when you are doing a self care evening. Plus they look really pretty. These ones are my favourite and smell amazing.


Maybe a little odd for a gift…. but if you know the person well it’s fine!

You might have noticed how much better you feel when your flat is tidy, clean and organised.

However, trying to motivate yourself to clean and tidy when you’re depressed is almost impossible. Having an clean and tidy space will help your friend’s mood and save their time and energy so they can focus on recovery.


Exercising when you have depression is essential. But it is also one of the most difficult things to motivate yourself to do.

fun gym class with a friend

Buy them some fun new exercise classes to try – even better if you go along with them!


Essential oils are really popular at the moment. They help calm you and make you feel relaxed.

Experiment with the different types to find your favourite – my favourite scent for feeling relaxed is lavender. You can either add a few drops to a shower, or use this fun diffuser which I have got loads of compliments on recently!


You should probably check with them before buying them this one!!

Taking the first step to get help can be pretty difficult. Even more so when you feel guilty about the expense and worried about it being a waste of money if it doesn’t work.

Offering to pay for a therapy session can really help show someone that you care and are with them on their journey to recovery.


I don’t know about you but having a mug that says “good morning” to me first thing really brightens my day!

Get them something that will inspire and motivate them and give them some positive vibes for the day ahead. Be it a lunchbox, mug or framed picture with an inspirational quote about living life to the fullest. If you’re stuck for inspirational quotes check out these 38 Inspiring Self Worth Quotes.

gifts for someone who is depressed


I LOVE going for a massage or a facial but somehow only go a few times a year.

I feel they are quite expensive yet I know that afterwards I am left feeling fresh, calm and relaxed. We all need to take time to look after ourselves, but people who are depressed often find it hard to treat themselves well as they feel they are not deserving of anything nice.

I hope you found something in this list of gifts for someone with depression that will help make your friend or family member feel a little better.

Pin this list so you can remember what to buy them when Christmas comes! Share below if you can think of any other gifts which would be perfect to help someone with depression.

Best Gifts for someone with depression.

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