Journal Prompts for a Pandemic

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This list of journal prompts for a pandemic will hopefully help keep you sane…(ish) throughout social isolation and Covid-19.

Writing in a journal has many benefits and is a good practice to have through social isolation, as writing things down can really help you clarify and organise your thoughts.

It is also a good coping mechanism to help you manage anxieties throughout this time of insecurity and fear.

In our busy everyday lives, we barely get the chance to take a break and a moment for ourselves.

Now we actually have that time!

So yep it is the perfect time for reflection.

We can identify what we are truly grateful for and what really matters in our lives.

These things are much clearer to see when coronavirus means that everything is at risk of being taken away, and suddenly you can’t see your friends or family, or your favourite hobbies anymore.

journal prompts for a pandemic

How to journal

If you are new to the journal writing process, don’t panic.

It’s pretty simple. 

All you need is a journal and a pen.

If you don’t have a journal, check out these ones which are great for every self care routine!

Very extra I know.

So now you have your amazing journal, find a quiet space, grab a cup of coffee (…or wine) and take some time to yourself.

I love using journal prompts because sometimes when I sit down to write I just stare at the blank page not knowing what to write about.

Only when I actually dig deeper and ask myself some tough questions do I discover how many thoughts, feelings and views I have!

If you are looking for anymore writing prompt ideas check out my journal prompts for depression and my journal prompts for self love.

So I hope these writing prompts below will help you to gain clarity and help your mental health through the pandemic.

Journal Prompts for a Pandemic.

Journal Prompts for a Pandemic

In what ways is your life different now?

Who are the people you miss the most?

Do you think the pandemic has had any positive impacts on your Mental health? If so, what? 

Do you think the pandemic has had any negative impacts on your Mental health? If so, what? 

Write down 5 things you never realised you were grateful for before coronavirus?


How are you going to change your behaviour after the pandemic?

Write about how you spent your time today.

What have you learnt about yourself?

What are your greatest fears and anxieties at the moment?

In what ways can you help manage this anxiety?

What are some of the positive impacts the Pandemic has had on the world?

What are some of the negative impacts the Pandemic has had on the world?

What are your top 3 memes or videos that you have watched about social isolation?

Are you still using all social media channels as much? Which do you use more or less?

How much news do you read each day? Do you think this is the right amount? Why?

Are there any ways in which you have been helping your neighbours and society?

What are other ways in which you could help?

What self care techniques have you started?

What are some things you want to check off your to-do list before the coronavirus pandemic is over?

What new hobbies have you stared?

What are some other hobbies which you would like to try during this time? 

What do you not understand about the pandemic? Is there a way you can find out this information?

Do you think that the government has handled Covid-19 well? Why?

Which of your friends or family have struggled the most during this time?


How could you help these friends or family members?

How has your exercise routine changed?

Have you changed your diet whilst social distancing?

How do you think Covid-19 will affect your life going forwards?

I hope you enjoyed using these journal prompts for a pandemic. If you journal regularly check out my 55 journal prompts for depression.

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