Productive things to do at home when you’re bored

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Suddenly we find ourselves with all the time in the world.

It might have been fun for a few days staying in pyjamas and binge watching Netflix.  

But now you might be wondering if you have made the most of this time that you will probably never get again?

This list of productive things to do at home when you’re bored will ensure that you do!

From reading, to learning, to cleaning (ugh), this list will make sure you have accomplished everything you plan to during the Coronavirus pandemic.

When life returns to normal you will thank yourself for everything you have achieved!

productive things to do

Productive things to do at home when you’re bored

Organise Paperwork

It’s the perfect time to sort that pile of papers that has been mounting.

Get out a nice file, divide the papers into different sections and put them in date order. Now is the time to use all your super cool organiser stationery you’ve never had the chance to use!!

I actually find it quite therapeutic….

Once you’ve done this it’ll be so much easier to keep under control going forwards!

Write your Goals

Get some clarity about what you want to achieve this year. 

Your chances of accomplishing these goals will be a lot higher once you have written them down!

Watch a TED Talk

The world of TED talks has more to offer than you could ever imagine. After reading this amazing book I was hooked.

I have posts about my favourite TED talks to improve your mental health, such as TED talks for social anxiety, TED talks for anxiety and TED talks for Trichotillomania.

But if you’re new, the first one I would start with is definitely Sir Ken Robinson, speaking about why schools kill creativity.

He’ll have you hooked on educational and hilarious TED talks in no time.

Clear emails

I used to have over 34,000 unread e-mails sitting in my inbox – surely that can’t have just been me?!

Take an hour to clear out your inbox and organise and reply to things you have been meaning to.

Also have a look to see who you can unsubscribe from so that you don’t ever have to do this again in the future!!!

While you’re at it you might as well do that  windows update you’ve been putting off for months.

Learn a new skill

We have the luxury of going online and in just a matter of seconds, be inundated with articles and videos that can teach us just about anything we could ever want to know.

This is one of my favourite productive things to do at home because there is just so much choice and variation.

Learn how to draw, how to play an instrument, how to knit, how to speak Japanese, how to crochet, how to debate – the possibilities are endless!

Read a book

Since I rediscovered my love of books, I have never had a bored moment.

If you’re not much of a book person, you probably just haven’t found your right type of genre yet. If this sounds like you, try reading something different until you find what you enjoy.

If you’re still not convinced, sign up to audible and listen to an audiobook instead.

Write a book

If you’re feeling EXTRA creative, try writing your own book! It could be your life story you’ve been dying to share or an amazing story you’ve thought up.

Tidy your Wardrobe

Whilst tidying your wardrobe, go through your clothes and throw out anything that you know you will never wear again.

Once you have some space it gives you license to go shopping for some new wardrobe updates!

Clean the House

You’d probably thought of this one already ha.

DO IT!! you will feel much better after it’s done, trust me. Reward yourself with something nice after.

Clear space on your phone

Wouldn’t it be great if the out of storage message didn’t flash up every time you try to take a photo?

Use this time to clear out some old apps and photos that you never use. You can delete them or upload onto your computer.

Plan a holiday

Time invested in this now will make for an amazingly fun vacation later down the line!

Have fun going wild on Pinterest marking all the things you want to do in a particular city or country.

Having a plan of what you want to do when you’re there will definitely ensure you are making the most of your time and will help calm that vacation anxiety.


Try a Podcast

If books aren’t your thing, you could also try a podscast. There are loads of amazing free ones to try!

Check your finances

Maybe you have been putting off checking your bank balance – trust me this will only make it worse!

Make a budget so you know how much income you have compared to how much you think you will be spending (or want to spend) each month. 

After I made a budget this made it so much easier to save and identify spending habits to change.

Learn a language

We are SO lucky we can learn any language on an app or website!

I think languages are massively underrated by English speakers in general.

You know that holiday you were just planning?

Try to learn at least 20 phrases for that trip. You will be amazed to see how local people’s faces light up when they realise you have taken the time to learn something from their language and culture.


I’m not going to lie, usually I find it pretty difficult to work stretches into my daily routine.

I try to though, as stretching in the morning not only increases my flexibility but also is a lovely, gentle way to ease into the day ahead!

Workout at home

Not having enough time isn’t an excuse when you can work out in the comfort of your own home in 20 minutes.

My favourite home workouts are Kayla Itsines HIIT workouts and Yoga with Adrienne.

Move furniture

Feeling like you need to shake up the layout of your house? Move some furniture around to improve your Feng Shui that will help you create a healthier and happier space to live in.

Watch a documentary

There are so many interesting documentaries available on Netflix that there would never be enough time to watch them all.

Watch a documentary instead of the mindless reality TV.

Relaxing but also educational!

Try a Productivity app

Be productive by improving your productivity!!

There are many apps to help you track and improve your productivity and habits. Try some of these when you have the time, to set up a good routine and productive life going forwards.

So that’s my list of best productive things to do at home when you’re bored. Pin for later so you can be reminded of productive things to do next time boredom strikes! 

productive things to do

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