5 TED Talks about Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania (TTM) describes pulling out hair compulsively. It can be done consciously or unconsciously and from any part of the body, but usually the head, eyelashes and eyebrows.

If you pull your hair out, chances are that you kept it to yourself for a very long time like some kind of dirty secret. 

TTM actually affects 2-5% of the populationbut it is not often spoken about so many people don’t even know what it is.

Once I learnt more about Trich and how I wasn’t the only one on the planet doing it, I felt ready to open up to people about it. Of course, some of the advice I received was ‘why don’t you just stop’ amongst other useless comments. 

Despite this, after I started telling people about my Trichotillomania, it felt like a massive weight was lifted and I could now start to get help rather than just hiding the daily embarrassing consequences of hair pulling.

These TEDx videos help you see that you are not alone and help change the way we view TTM in society.

Trichotillomania hair in bun

Overcoming TTM: Power of Awareness

My favourite Trichotillomania TEDx Talk!

Aneela’s moving talk describes how people who pull their hair feel like they are weird and broken, and their self esteem is crushed. This is all too relatable to anyone with TTM.

As a solution, Aneela helped create the Habitaware bracelet. It brings awareness and interrupts patterns of behaviour so you can start to recognise your triggers.

Trichotillomania and Beauty Norms

Elizabeth talks about her experience growing up with TTM and how she felt she could not speak out because of cultural beauty norms in society. She also discusses the struggle for pullers to consider themselves beautiful.

My Life with Trichotillomania

Emma discusses how her TTM started in school. She explains how quickly it escalated into an addiction, where she suddenly had bald patches and needed to wear a cap every day to cover them up.

Overcoming TTM

Rachel talks about her struggle with Trich, and how if we learn to talk more openly then we can get help earlier, not 10 years down the line. 

She created a blog where she shares how she overcame TTM and shares resources and inspiration for how to overcome hair pulling.

What the Pluck? Living with TTM

In 1985, Judith went to a doctor who was unable to provide a diagnosis. 

She talks about her journey through low self worth and isolation, and how important it is to raise awareness in society.

From these 5 posts, hopefully you have learned that you are definitely not alone or that there is something wrong with you!

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