Top 5 ways to instantly boost your mood

Want to get rid of a bad mood quickly?

Not surprising, feeling down sucks.

Especially when literally everyone else around you seems to be so happy all the time.


Luckily, there are a number of simple things that take 5 minutes that can help you feel better instantly.


Top 5 ways to instantly boost your mood!


1. Listen to Music

Putting on my favourite uplifting song works every time for me. If you’re stuck here are a few of my faves:

1. Maroon 5 – Misery. Uplifting yet wallowing at the same time.

2. Psy – Gangnam Style. Also great to dance to if you’re feeling it…… maybe make sure the curtains are drawn.

3. Happy – Pharrell. Speaks for itself.


2. Put some effort in your appearance.

We all feel better when we are looking our best.

So put some make-up on! You will instantly feel more confident and attractive.

Put on your favourite clothes. If you are lounging around in sweat pants and a hoodie all day this can add to your depression. Feeling like you don’t like any of your clothes? Perfect excuse to treat yourself!


3. Get out in the sun.

Okay even if it’s not sunny (London), getting outside is still a good idea. 5 minute walk around the block and breathing in some fresh air can really help to clear your mind and calm your thoughts.


4. Phone a friend.

I often find that if I have to be in the company of someone else, I have to force myself to get it together. At least that made me stop crying for a while.


Or it could be the kind of conversation where you offload how you’re feeling. It can be difficult talking about your depression, but it makes me feel SO much better knowing that I have people there for me and I’m not alone, no matter how much it feels like it.


5. Take a shower.

Everything seems better after you’ve had a shower and washed your hair! Put a few drops of peppermint oil for extra relaxation if you have some lying around.

Then get in a fluffy dressing gown and paint your nails.



Have you tried any of these? What’s your favourite way to instantly lift your mood?




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