Best foods to ease depression and anxiety

When you are suffering with depression and anxiety, there is not one quick fix that will suddenly make everything better. Overcoming depression and anxiety needs to be attacked from all sides.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exercising (although difficult with depression) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy are just some of the ways you can overcome depression and anxiety.


Part of having a healthy lifestyle is eating the right diet!! Trust me on this one, it really helps you feel better. Improving your diet can:


* Improve your mood

* Help you think more clearly

* Provide you with more energy


Eating a diet full of vegetables, fruit, proteins and whole grains are essential when overcoming depression and anxiety.


However, this is way easier said than done. Carbs and junk food can be so tempting, especially when you have zero motivation to cook or leave the house. They will not help you in the long run though! And you might also find you get that familiar sense of depression guilt after a meal, where you know you should have eaten something healthier.


best foods to ease depression and anxiety


Best foods to ease depression and anxiety


Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts contain vitamin E which is an antioxidant. One study showed that having low levels of vitamin E may lead to depression.

Have a small handful of brazil nuts as an afternoon snack around 4pm instead of a chocolate bar.


Oily Fish

Rich in Omega 3, studies have shown that the more oily fish you eat, the better you feel! According to one study, people who ate the most fish had a 17% lower risk of depression.

My favourite way or incorporating fish into my diet is mackerel salad.

If you’re not a big fish fan, you can always opt for fish oil supplements.



Chamomile tea can help relax you and provide you with a better nights sleep which in turn will help reduce anxiety.

best foods to ease depression and anxiety

Leafy greens

Dark leafy greens like spinach and kale have been found to benefit mental health.

If you’re not a fan of either of these, try them in a daily juice or smoothie.

Kale chips are also a good way to up your intake!



Eggs contain vitamin which helps ease anxiety and depression.

You probably don’t need a suggestion on how to eat eggs……. but probably best not to mix with flour sugar and butter and accidentally end up with a cheeky cake!

best foods to ease depression and anxiety


Sweet potato

If you’re craving carbs, go for the sweet potato! ¬†They are rich in fiber which helps keep blood sugar levels steady and so keep your mood balanced.

Studies have shown that white carbs (high glycemic foods) like white bread, pasta and rice can raise levels of anxiety, so try and stay away from these and opt for the brown options instead!


Dark Chocolate

Cocoa beans contain flavonoids which can improve your mood. In one study, higher flavonoid consumption was linked to a lower risk of depression.

In addition, dark chocolate is less moreish than milk chocolate – so reaching for the dark chocolate is a clear winner for your mood and waistline!

best foods to ease depression and anxiety

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