Powerful Affirmations for a Better Relationship with Money

Have you ever thought about the amount of anxiety that money is causing you?

I don’t mean just not having enough, but rather your relationship with money and the daily decisions that come with how to spend it – and if you even deserveĀ to be spending your own money on yourself.

I had it drilled into me from a young age that money was sacred and must not be wasted. This, and low self esteem, made me feel like I didn’t even deserve the money that I had earned. Therefore whenever I went to make a purchase, I thought that I should be spending it on something else, and would obsess over decisions, constantly worrying if I had made the wrong decision in how to spend my money.

Sound familiar?

I found it so hard to understand how people with less money that me could treat themselves to weekly massages, getting their nails done and to all the latest fashion trends.

I used to get hit with GUILT and ANXIETY every time I spend something.

Get on the tube? GUILT – could’ve taken the bus.

Buy a jumper for myself? ANXIETY – am I becoming reckless and losing control of my life?!

It can be exhausting because, you know, it happens a few times a day.

Because of this I knew that if I wanted to start reducing my daily stress, I had to work on changing my relationship with money.

Money Mindsets

I started using positive affirmations to change my mindset from the scarcity money mindset to the abundance money mindset.

If you have the scarcity mindset, you think that money is tight and you will never have enough. You focus on denying yourself things you want and need, which stems from the fear of running out of money. You often hoard money as this feels safe to you.

If you have the abundance mindset, you think that there is enough money for you and everyone else in the world. You allow money to move freely between earning and spending, without the guilt and fear of the scarcity mindset.

The affirmations below are the ones which resonated the most with me, so you can pick and choose your top ones to say each day. If your money mindset is also driven by feelings of low self worth, you should practice positive affirmations for confidence as well.


16 Affirmations for a Positive Relationship with money

I release all negativity over money

I am moving from scarcity money mindset to the abundance money mindset

I control my wealth

Money supports my happiness

I love and respect money

I am deserving of abundance in my life

There is no limit to the amount of money I can earn

I am a money magnet

I am generous with my money

I have enough money to fulfil my needs

Wealth flows into my life

Money is my servant

I release all guilt associated with spending money

I use money to improve my life

Money comes to me easily

I am an excellent manager of my money

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