Top 6 TED Talks about Identity & Sense of Self

If you feel like there is something not quite right in your life but can’t figure out what it is, you need to watch these TED talks about identity & sense of self.

Without a strong sense of self, you stumble through life not knowing what you actually even want, and will often try to please others as a substitute.

This sadly happens in way too many people, because of all the invisible rules and codes that society makes us conform to.

We basically deny our true personalities because we are so scared of not fitting in and being different.

In my case, and I believe in many others too, this led to severe anxiety and depression. I have always felt a big conflict between just being who I am and being the person I feel I needed to be to fit in.

One of the best lessons I learned is that we all need to embrace and love our differences and imperfections!

However this takes a LOT of work and takes time to sink in.

These TED talks about identity and sense of self inspired me massively to embrace my true self, and to start living my life how I want to.

They are inspiring, educational and fun to watch!

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Having a solid identity and sense of self will ultimately lead to you having higher self esteem, self worth and loving yourself. Not to mention reduced depression and anxiety.

TED Talks to discover your identity

6 TED Talks to discover your Sense of Self

Top 6  Ted Talks on Identity and Sense of Self

My identity is a superpower – not an obstacle: America Ferrera

You may know her from the Ugly Betty TV series!

America talks about her dream but how she kept getting knocked down and rejected. All the rejection sent her the message that her identity was an obstacle to overcome, not something positive celebrate.

Once she realised to uncover the truth of who she really was and be true to it, her life changed.

She inspires people to stop resisting and start existing as their full and authentic self. Only then will you be able to live your life to the fullest and provide the world with your unique and special talents.

Become who you really are: Andrea Pennington

This TED talk will speak to you if you feel like you haven’t fully developed your sense of self, or feel like there’s something just not quite right in your life but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

Andrea explains how socialization shapes and develops our sense of self. The programmed beliefs that we have about ourselves have so much influence over our whole lives, happiness and success.

We develop this social mask to wear at all times. We do whatever we can to fit in and hide our true selves and personalities.

However, denying self expression leads to depression.

Andrea talks about how to overcome this and become who we really are.

What makes you special : Mariana Atencio

Mariana tells her story about how she didn’t fit in and she had to work so much harder than everyone else to fit in. 

Society tells us that we don’t fit the mould and we should conform and hide your true self. Breaking out of this takes courage.

Mariana encourages people to view those differences as an advantage. We need to learn to embrace them and appreciate them, as they are what makes us special and unique. 

Think about what makes you different to everyone else. Celebrate the imperfections that make you special. 

Who are you, really? The puzzle of personality : Brian little

Brian talks about how it is not just our traits that make up our personalities and define who we really are.

He encourages us to think about and focus on all the projects that we do and what we dedicate our time to. These things build upon your traits and provide a more complex picture of your personality.

The Art of being Yourself: Caroline McHugh

Caroline starts by saying the our job while we’re here on the planet is to be as good at being us as we can possibly be.

That’s quite a nice code to live by.

She stressed that we are not your thoughts and feelings. We are not our possessions or our actions. We are what is underneath all that.

Claiming your identity by understanding your self-worth : Judge Helen Whitener

Helen talks about how precious our identity is, but how society has codes which determine who we are and who we should be.

By claiming our identity we have the ability and the power to crack these pre determined codes and break through the codes of inequality.

I hope you enjoyed these TED Talks about identity & sense of self! 

If you didn’t get to watch them all remember to pin for later.

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